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Neurosciences Imaging Center

Neuroscience Imaging Center / Hasenstab Architects (space)

The Neurosciences Imaging Center (NIC) has been in existence for close to twenty years and is the oldest optical imaging facility on campus. Although the center is located within the Department of Neurosciences, it has always operated as a completely open core facility with a majority of its registered users coming from outside the department. The Neurosciences Imaging Center is located in a newly renovated suite located on the 6th floor in the School of Medicine (E632). The facility is bright, open and specifically designed to support a broad range of biological imaging needs. The Neurosciences Imaging Center houses the most sophisticated microscopes and imaging equipment available today, including the Zeiss LSM 510 META confocal microscope, the Leica TCS SP2 MP confocal microscope, and the Bio-Rad Radiance 2100 MP laser scanning system. Please visit the links below for a more detailed description of the systems within the center, or contact Maryanne Pendergast for a tour.


  • Ben Strowbridge, Ph.D.
    Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center
    Professor, Department of Neurosciences
    Web Page
  • Maryanne Pendergast
    Training and Facility Manager
    216-368-2575 (office)
    216-224-8649 (cell)
  • Lynn Landmesser, Ph.D.
    Garvin Professor and Chair, Department of Neurosciences
    Member of The National Academy of Sciences
  • Steering Committee
    Ben Strowbridge, PhD., Department of Neurosciences
    Stefan Herlitze, Ph.D., Department of Neurosciences
    Cathy Carlin, Ph.D., Department of Physiology and Biophysics
    Ruth Siegel, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology

Imaging Systems

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